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Moon Cycle Tracking • Womb Healing • Medicine Music • Embodiment Practices • Play • Ritual

Our Healing Is Cyclical

As humans made up of 70% water, we are deeply impacted by the moon as she dances through her shadows and light, elegantly waxes and wanes, and reminds us to surrender to her ebbs and flows.

Cyclical healing is an opportunity to dive into your inner cosmos while using the medicine of creative expression. Guided by the wisdom of the moon’s four phases, honoring her shadow and light, you receive her inspiration to express your most raw and authentic cyclical self.

We will use the medicine of creative expression to face our grief, fears, and pains- creating space to explore our deeply embodied joy, pleasure, and celebration.

Through cycle tracking, guided rituals, embodiment practices, including authentic movement, guided meditations, and contact improvisation, as well as vocal activation techniques, medicine music, and mantras designed to liberate stagnant emotions through your voice, you will:


Discover how to listen deeper to your body’s messages

Feel the freedom to express your vulnerability

Ask for what you truly desire

Deepen your connection to the elements of nature

Connect to the medicine of the vibration of your voice

Explore new ways to move your body from a place of deep intuitive knowing

Release any old limiting beliefs standing in the way of your divine expression

Feel a more profound sense of trust in the great mystery

Understand how to live in harmony with your cycles

Gain tools to express your shadows and trauma

Fully embody the pleasure of each of your phases

Receive support as you grow in your spiral

Cyclical Healing Offerings

1:1 Accompaniment
Moon Blood Book