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Aquarius Full Moon

For me, the Aquarius Full Moon is a celebration moon. 

On August 1st, 2023 we danced into a Super Full Moon in Aquarius, a potent portal for healing and change. Aquarius, although a water bearer, is an air sign which can lead us to feel overactive racing thoughts. In this moon phase, we can actually lean into the power of our minds to express our creativity and to deepen the conversation between our mind and our heart.

Personally, I feel my mind, body, and spirit jumping for joy at the arrival of this full moon and I recognize that I am harvesting fruits of seeds that I planted long ago. The full moon is a time of manifestation and harvesting from intentions that you planted before. Perhaps you planted a seed of intention in our previous New Moon two weeks ago or perhaps what you are harvesting now was planted many many moons ago.

I am celebrating the opportunity to create wildcrafted tincture medicine with herbs that I harvested by the full moon’s glow. I headed out into the night with my basket and garden shears, and was open to hearing which herbs called to me. I heard the song of St. John’s Wort who is a beautiful medicine in calming anxiety and depression. Her yellow flowers turn liquid red when seeped in oil or water and she is supportive at balancing and uplifting moods. I took the flowers and soaked them in white rum. Then I was called to the large rosemary bush near the pond where thyme and oregano grow around her, forming a fragrant skirt around the ancient rosemary. I decided to pick the thyme, oregano, and rosemary, and blend them into a super antiviral, immune boosting, digestive trio. I took half of this herb blend and soaked it in white rum and soaked the other half in apple cider vinegar. Since these herbs were all fresh, I packed a jar tightly with the herbs and then topped it off with liquid to fill in the gaps. Lastly, I made a super refreshing, cooling, digestive, uplifting mint medicine blend with three types of mint that grow on this land. I will now allow these medicines to work their magic for at least forty days- meaning that these medicines will be ready for consumption in two new moons on September 15th. Sometimes I leave my tinctures longer, perhaps for three months. Sometimes I bury them underground. I allow my intuition to guide me in my medicine making. I am full of gratitude to call this land here in Northern California my current home, where organic gardens, fruit orchards, flowers, and medicinal herbs flourish in abundance.

St. John’s Wort

I am also celebrating August 1st as the day that the first set of readers who received my manuscript for Moon Blood: A Cyclical Womb Healing Journey, sent their feedback and endorsements to me. This is a huge step for me. For so long the stories in this book were kept hidden inside of me and writing them has been a huge part of my healing journey. And the healing continues unfolding in this next phase where I get to share my story with readers. I am so honored to be walking this path and to continue taking steps toward publishing this book! We have even set a launch date: August 31st for the Pisces Full Moon so stay tuned for novelties about the book!

To celebrate the Aquarius Full Moon, we are also offering a super promotional early bird friend discount for our Cyclical Healing Retreat. At Gaia Tree Retreat Center, in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, my home for the summer, I will be hosting a retreat Sep 8-14 alongside a beautiful team of skilled facilitators. The retreat is actually structured in four sections, inspired by the moon’s phases, just like the four sections of my book. We will begin with the dark moon phases where we will explore our shadows and our grief. We will hold a powerful medicine ceremony to anchor in our prayers and open our hearts. We will culminate this journey with the light moon phases, honoring our joy, pleasure, and hope. There will be guided intuitive movement journeys, contact improvisation workshops, vocal activation, song circles, wood fired saunas, ecstatic dance, water blessings, moon blood offerings, and delicious farm to table meals. This seven day journey is priced at $2,200 but if you sign up with a friend in the Full Moon Portal you each only pay $1,500 for the whole experience!

To read more about the retreat: Cyclical Healing Retreat (Sep 8-14)

I also want to celebrate the presence of a very special friend, mentor, medicine carrier, and inspiring musician in my life. Eostar. More than two years ago I was singing on stage at a fourth of July gathering. I wasn’t singing songs that were meant for ceremony since the environment was more of a relaxing summer vibe. After my set this woman came up to me and said that she was driving in when she heard my voice echoing across the pond and was mesmerized by my song. She asked if I had any connection to medicine songs and if I had ever sang in ceremony. Her words were music for my soul, as my favorite place to share my voice is in a prayerful intentional container.

Many months later when I was in the middle of a vocal activation retreat where I was connecting deeper to the power of my voice as a tool for healing, I received a call from Eostar. She shared that she had a medicine ceremony coming up and she was wondering if I would be open to being her assistant. I felt humbled and instantly moved to tears. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect way to be of service. Yet I also felt fear and resistance. Perhaps I was not yet ready for this kind of role? She assured me that she trusted in me and that I should too trust in myself and trust in the Great Mystery.

Having a support role in that ceremony was one of the best jobs I have ever had. I had the opportunity to hold space for others in their healing journey, accompanying them with my music, my presence, prayer, and to be a channel for all the plant spirits that wanted to flow through me. I felt so honored that Eostar and her partner Mathias saw and honored the light in me and were encouraging me to keep stepping into my path as a medicine woman and musician.

Shortly after, I moved to Ecuador where I spent the last two years. Throughout this time, Eostar and I kept in touch and I expressed that I was very excited to weave together again when I returned to California for the summer.

This past weekend there was a men’s retreat at my home, Gaia Tree Retreat Center, and so I wanted to leave the land to respect the container of the retreat. I thought about reaching out to Eostar to ask what she was up to that weekend and if I could perhaps pay her a visit. Her and Mathias had been traveling for the last two months and literally were just arriving back to their home in Sebastopol where they would be hosting two medicine ceremonies that weekend. She invited me to join. 

This experience was perfect medicine for my soul. The first night I was really given an opportunity to dive into my own shadows, grieve, and sob a lot. I also shared my voice in many magical moments and truly felt the medicine singing through me. The second night, I was connected to my joy, and I was of service to the group as a support role. It felt so right that after having cleared out so much space by releasing my grief and feeling held, to feel authentic embodied joy and hold space for others. 

To me it is a huge honor to be supporting such beautiful medicine carriers and musicians who I hold as wise elders in my heart. From my perspective, I feel that I am still crawling, learning to fully hold myself and others with humility. So it is extremely supportive to have others walking the same path as me, who have walked this path long before me. And for them, there is also a desire to pass on to others the wisdom they have gained along the way. In this intergenerational friendship, we feed each other so we can continue to be of service. 

As I was saying goodbye to Eostar and Mathias after a magical weekend, my foot was out the door, preparing to drive back home, and Eostar mentioned, “Oh by the way, we are going to Mt. Shasta tomorrow, would you like to come?” And just like that I continued on another few day journey of rivers, lakes, silent time in the mountains, and more music making. It is so important for me to continue to have little angels in my life that connect me to magic and to be guided by such sacred water was a pure blessing.

Needless to say, I am beyond honored to be co-facilitating a Grandfather Medicine Ceremony with Eostar and Mathias for the Cyclical Healing Retreat and to continue nourishing each other’s journey.

I celebrate all that has come to fruition and all that continues to blossom, acknowledging that it is all possible because for so many moons I kept my vision strong, trusting that it would all unfold in divine perfection.

May we be open to continue feeding our visions and dreams, releasing our attachments to how we think they should be, so that we may truly open to receive that magic that is presenting itself to us and surrender.

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