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Love Letter 3

Dear Kinti, I have come to the conclusion that not only are you a muse for my art, our relationship is MEDICINE for my soul. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring my whole self into our encuentros. I feel safe to dance… Read More »Love Letter 3

Love Letter 2

Dear Kinti, Here’s an invitation to take in a deep breath. Today has been a day of drinking so deep that I have a new story to tell. I awoke to the song of the drum’s beat at 3:30 am, notifying us all that it… Read More »Love Letter 2

Love Letter 1

Dear Kinti,I want to thank you for dancing into my heart in these last few weeks. I have felt in my own self, much more inspiration, connection to magic, trust in the divine plan, and love of life. I am inspired by you and I… Read More »Love Letter 1

Aquarius Full Moon

For me, the Aquarius Full Moon is a celebration moon.  On August 1st, 2023 we danced into a Super Full Moon in Aquarius, a potent portal for healing and change. Aquarius, although a water bearer, is an air sign which can lead us to feel… Read More »Aquarius Full Moon