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Deeply Connected to My Moon

I am already deeply connected to the four phases of my menstrual cycle. I am curious to learn creative practices and rituals to support me to flow in greater harmony with my cyclical being
and reclaim my wild, free, intuitive nature.

Congratulations on taking the first step toward returning to your most authentic, wildest, most unrestrained self.

I love to say that at this stage of your journey, there is nothing that I can teach you. There are only things you already know that I can help you remember.

After getting my IUD removed several years ago and beginning to reconnect to my blood and my cyclical being, I felt like a curious little girl opening myself up to a world of powerful, wise witches. The medicine woman in me bows to and honors the medicine woman within you. Just as many other women saw a spark of light within me, bright enough to heal my womb and support others in their healing journey, I recognize your courage and fierce resiliency.

I believe some part of you knows that your capacity for wildness has only begun. There is a longing deep within you that is ready to smear your menstrual blood on cave walls, that feels she will die if she does not howl, dancing naked under the light of the full moon. A part of you knows that your body is the same as mother earth, and you can feel her beating within you. There is a part of you that is singing an ancient song, dancing an ancient dance, and yearning to experience deeply embodied pleasure.

Welcome, wild woman. We have all been waiting for you to return home.

If you already have a deep understanding of how your body flows with the moon, I would love to introduce you to my unique mandala menstrual cycle calendar designed to support your cycle tracking. This mandala integrates astrology, the moon’s phases, your basal body temperature, the date, your personal cycle day, and reflections about your energy levels, desires, changes in cervical fluid, and any self-discoveries. After designing and redesigning hundreds of versions of calendars over the years, I genuinely think this one is the most holistic and helpful for me- and hopefully for you too.

We will explore how each phase of our menstrual cycle is interconnected to the phases of the moon, the flow of your gardens, the four seasons, the four elements, and diverse female archetypes.

With each phase, we will explore a unique theme through rituals, vocal activation practices, embodiment practices, dietary changes, herbal support, guided meditations, and writing reflections to guide you.

Our process will include virtual check-ins, pdf printables you can keep and use in your own time, and personalized homework assignments to which I will hold you accountable. And every step of the way, I will cheer you on and answer your questions.

Are you curious about setting up a free consultation call? Reach out, and I would love to hear more about your needs and desires and how I can support you.