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I Don’t Bleed Monthly

I am curious to learn how the moon affects me as a human made up of 70% water. I would like to explore creative expression practices to move through stuck energy within me and live in alignment with my true purpose.

Congratulations on taking your first step toward healing by reconnecting to your intuitively cyclical nature.

Have you ever noticed your emotional and physical states shift with the new and full moon?

If you haven’t, this is probably because our Gregorian Western calendar is arbitrarily based on 12 months and is entirely out of touch with the moon’s rhythms. Indigenous agricultural cultures based their rhythms on a 13-moon system. This wise calendar understood that since each moon cycle takes approximately 28 days, if each calendar year contains 13 moons, 28 days long, this would add up to 364 days—almost the length of one solar revolution. We just need to add in one extra day, which was often referred to as the day without time.

I support many bleeding bodies to reconnect to their natural rhythms by beginning to track their menstrual cycle. Yet, if you do not bleed, you are still cyclical and are inevitably impacted by the changes within and around you.

In our time together, I will support you in tracking your unique cyclical rhythms, which may or may not be aligned with the moon’s relationship to the Earth. By discovering our unique ebbs and flows, we can learn to live in more profound harmony with our true authentic needs.

First, I would love to hear what brought you here. Perhaps you are looking for support in connecting to your infinite flow of creativity, moving through stagnant emotions within you, remembering your intuitive feminine nature, and having a safe space to express your emotions. Perhaps you are curious about how to work with your gardens in harmony with the moon’s rhythms, connect to your voice as a healing tool for yourself and others, and cycle through embodiment practices that align with your unique phases.

Throughout our time together, you will be guided to explore the four phases of the moon cycle and connect to rituals, vocal activation practices, embodiment practices, dietary changes, herbal support, and writing reflections to guide you in each phase.

I will provide you with emotional support as memories, traumas, pain, and grief may emerge throughout the process. And I will give you tools to acknowledge our painful hidden emotions and transmute them.

I will encourage you to practice celebrations, moments of joy in which we mutually pause and celebrate your growth.

I will provide you with personalized creative expression exercises designed to allow creative life force energy to move freely through you.

Our process will include virtual check-ins, pdf printables you can keep and use in your own time, and personalized daily practices to which I will hold you accountable. And every step of the way, I will cheer you on and answer your questions.

Are you curious about setting up a free consultation call? Reach out, and I would love to hear more about your needs and desires and how I can support you.