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Integrating Cyclical Healing Into My Family

I am a mother and I am curious about how to involve my partner and children in the ritual of my menstrual cycle, how to root the moon’s wisdom into our household, and how to make this cyclical information accessible for children.

Thank you for taking this pivotal first step to grow within yourself and nourish your family.

As someone who has worked in alternative holistic education for the last ten years, I know how important it is to raise our kids with ritual, creative expression, and messy nature play.

In our time together, I would love to hear about your current relationship with your moon cycle and where you would like to expand.

Perhaps you are curious to learn more about cultivating a garden with your children in alignment with the moon’s phases.

Perhaps you are curious to learn songs you can sing with your children based on the four elements and our connection to all the cycles inside and around us.

Perhaps you are curious how to involve your children in various rituals accompanying you through your moon phases.

I feel that so much of the work we do in reconnecting to our cycles is the work of reconnecting to our inner child. We permit ourselves to build Earth altars, go on nature hunts, sing and dance, and cover our bodies in mud. In our journey of rewilding as medicine women, we inevitably create a fertile playground for our children to grow in a cyclical environment.

I genuinely believe that, as women, we have the power to change our world, one household at a time. If you are already connected to your menstrual cycle and the Earth’s rhythms, there is no need to keep this wisdom hidden. It is time to bring your whole self out into the light.

You are the one who plays with child-like curiosity, building fairy castles out of rocks by the river. The wise one who communicates clearly to her family how they can support her throughout her phases. The sensual goddess who guides her partner through her fertile ovulation phase toward cosmic creation. The witch who casts spells and brings blessings to herself, her home, and her community.

When we step into motherhood, so much of our energy can be poured into our homes, children, and partners.

And this is a gift that you give first and foremost to yourself! You deserve to receive 1:1 support throughout your phases. And you will learn to cultivate a more profound inner listening of your cyclical rhythms so that you do not feel drained when you pour energy into your family. Instead, you feel nourished and recharged.

Are you interested in setting up a free consultation call where you can share your particular needs with me? Reach out to hear how I can support you!