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Moon Blood – Book & Journal

About the Book
Moon Blood: A Cyclical Womb Healing Journey

“In her gripping account of her healing journey, Aviva skillfully explores the complexities of holding deep compassion for herself alongside compassion for everyone she encounters— even through sexual trauma and heartache. Her stories beautifully capture the powerful intersections of tenderness meeting honesty, understanding meeting accountability, and magic meeting groundedness. Her capacity for nuanced, holistic self-reflection makes Moon Blood a moving invitation for discovery and healing.”

~ Rosalee, Early Childhood Educator

“Aviva’s Moon Blood takes the reader through a wondrous trail of discovery of the feminine menstrual blood mysteries. The reader is guided through ancient traditional practices, personal revelations, archetypal and astrological parallels, and true stories that form a cohesive account of healing from sexual trauma. Aviva’s book is a travelogue through both South America and her psyche, ready to be healed using the ancient tool of being in complete sync with one’s changing moon cycles and, through that, with Mother Nature.”

~ Eostar, Singer-songwriter and Medicine Woman

“Moon Blood offers a reflection and an invitation for me to continue to deepen and expand my relationship to all my cycles, my body as an Earth altar, and the wholeness of my being in interconnection to all of life.”

~ Naya, Death & Birth Doula

Who is Moon Blood written for?

Writing has been an essential tool for me to process through and integrate my life experiences. Writing the stories of this book has helped me to revisit parts of me that have lived through traumatic events, parts of me I have felt ashamed about, parts of me who have been brave and resilient, and parts of my deepest most intimate visions, dreams, and desires.

Womb keepers:
This book is an invitation to reconnect to your menstrual cycle, not just as a time to bleed, but the whole cycle for its entire four phases. You will be guided to explore how your unique cycle within interacts with other cycles occurring around us- the seasons, astrological changes, and different archetypes we embody throughout our phases. If you do not already have a practice of honoring your moon blood, perhaps this book will offer a new inspiration to explore your cyclical being and the magic that pours through you.

People who don’t bleed:
Perhaps you have a womb but not a menstrual cycle or maybe you don’t even have a womb- this book is also for you! Diving into the four phases of the feminine cycle will give you a deeper understanding of how to show up for those in your community who do bleed monthly and it will also offer a reflection for you to discover your unique rhythmic cycle. The moon affects all water on Earth as she waxes and wanes. So as a human being, made up of 70% water, you are a cyclical being.

If you buy the book on Amazon, please leave a review, I deeply appreciate your feedback!

About the Journal

The Moon Blood Journal: A Cyclical Mandala Calendar is an invitation for you to track your cycles over the course of 13 moons.

With a uniquely designed mandala calendar and cyclical reflection questions, reconnecting to all of your phases is made accessible to all beings.

Whether you are a teen entering into your first menstrual cycles, an adult curious to use cycle tracking as a holistic way to understand your fertility, a human without a womb and a desire to deepen your relationship to the moon’s phases- this journal is for you.

Allow the Moon Blood Journal to be your daily practice, your altar, your temple, a space to connect to your intuition and inner cosmos as you spiral through your moon cycles.

If you buy the journal on Amazon, please leave a review, I deeply appreciate your feedback!