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Here is some of the music that pours through me!

I am currently available for conscious live music events, sound healing journeys, medicine music ceremonies, and facilitating sacred song circles.


Memoria Ancestral (Ancestral Memory) is an album that explores diverse themes such as healing, transformation, falling in and out of love, grieving, celebration, death and rebirth- navigating each moment that forms part of this great spiral of life.

Memoria Ancestral is about returning to our origin, to our purest essence, that no one or nothing can teach us. It is something that we already know and carry within us since we were star dust. 

Memoria Ancestral is a journey to remember who we are and why we are here. It is permission to fail, to grow, to hurt, to love, to forgive, to feel pleasure, and surrender with grace and authenticity to each part of this human experience. And in case we have forgotten the memory that we carry inside, may this medicine music help us to remember. 

Cover Art by @eduparas_arte

Las Parceritas Del Campo- a musical duo created when Gaby and Aviva met on a farm in Northern California- recorded their first album together and birthed Memoria Ancestral.

In the album, Aviva writes the lyrics, melodies and harmonies, and sings. Gaby plays the acoustic and electric guitar, the base, and manages all of the technical production. They recorded their first song at a friend’s studio and the rest of the album was recorded on the farm, in a tent, outdoors under oak trees, and inside of a cedar sauna.

Memoria Ancestral wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Nate Nathanson who recorded, mixed, and mastered Deeply Entangled, Treestar who appears in various songs with her melodic flute and percussive cajón, Mark Sanchez who plays main guitar in Emerald River, Allpa Sisay who plays the saxophone in Gran Espiral, Nico Bonacalza who mixed and mastered our tracks, and Edu Paras who created an original illustration for each song of the album. 

Listen to the full Memoria Ancestral album and follow Las Parceritas del Campo:

Medicine Music

Original Song: “Tender Hearts”