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Rebirth – April 13th

Aviva and Treestar will facilitate a multi layered journey of music and movement rooted in the theme of rebirth, embodying the spring. We will cocreate a sacred space by harmonizing our voices together with vocal activation warm ups and we’ll call in the seven directions through song. We will flow into our movement journey where, through guided visualizations, intuitive technique, and contact improvisation, we will dance our prayers for rebirth into our bodies. Upon completion of our movement journey, we will transition into stillness as we receive intimate glimpses into Aviva’s recently published book Moon Blood: A Cyclical Womb Healing Journey. This unique book includes several chapters that are written with original song lyrics, so the revealing of the book’s content will also be a musical journey. To anchor and integrate our transformative journey, we will have time for an improvised dance jam. Cedar Moon, Treestar and Aviva’s medicine music duo, will create a live multi instrumental sound scape for our jam. This event is centered on the cyclical wisdom of the moon and her phases. All beings welcome.

I am Aviva, a ceremonialist, land steward, musician, body mover, children’s educator, womb wisdom keeper, a lover of sweet wild waters, and a recently published author. In the sacred lands where the Andes meet the Amazon, I began to study with women healers who taught me about La Luna– referring not only to the moon’s cyclical relationship to the Earth, but also to the sacred pact between womb keepers and the moon’s cycles. Before returning to California, I deepened my creative expression practices, rooting further into my own voice and body. While the healing work had begun as a conversation with spirit in the mountains, when I emerged from those lands, I began to anchor these practices in my body through song and dance. I spent years immersed in an intensive exploration and practice of contact improvisation and authentic movement. Although I had been a singer my whole life, through medicine work, and studies with vocal activation mentors, I began to honor the healing power of my voice with full reverence.

I am Treestar Tinkerbella Beijaflor, a sacred life tender, land steward, beloved aunty, earth warrior priestess, and ritual dancer. I am committed to anchoring the frequency of Heaven On Earth and ushering in the New Earth Paradigm. As a trained facilitator of Shamanic Fusion Dance and Intuitive Technique, I guide people of all ages, bodies, and abilities into the safety of their own body’s wisdom through guided intuitive movement journeys. Utilizing movement and expressive arts as an access point to the subconscious, we can release stagnation and outdated patterns, resulting in increased health and vitality on all levels. I believe in the power of the expressive arts to heal, transform, and activate our most aligned blueprint for our best life. In this workshop we will combine music, art, the spoken word and dance to touch the shadows of the unseen in order to bring healing and transformation to ignite our full radiance. All bodies and skill levels welcome. As a member of the dynamic musical duo- Cedar Moon, I will be adding my intuitive approach to music, inviting a participatory space for improvisational dancers to cocreate our experience together.