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Survivor of Sexual Trauma

I have experienced sexual trauma and I am ready to receive support in my healing journey.

I am sorry that you have gone through a traumatic event, and I am grateful that you can take steps to honor your process and ask for the support you need. Thank you for trusting me to accompany you in such a vulnerable way.

As a survivor of numerous sexual assaults, I believe that my first-hand experience can help support your needs as you move through your healing journey. For me, after experiencing non-consensual sexual encounters ranging from minor consent violations to violent rape, I mostly remained numb and silent. It took me anywhere from months to years to speak about these experiences and pour healing salve on my wounds.

So wherever you are in your journey, regardless of how much time has passed, I honor your courage in claiming that you are a survivor and ready to be seen, acknowledged, and loved in this moment of your life.

Whatever it is that you are moving through is always welcome. Our healing is a constantly cyclical journey, so even when we believe that we may have surpassed a stage of our grief, it is normal to revisit this for as long as it asks to be seen.

My intention in supporting you is to provide you with diverse creative expression practices you can use to visit your pain and rewrite your story. We will explore what hidden chambers have yet to be opened in your inner cosmos that may be asking for some breathing room and some love. We will use our voice and movement practices to embody our rage, grief, acceptance, and forgiveness. I insist that all feelings are welcome, even numbness.

If you are a womb keeper, these memories are most likely stored within your womb. In your womb space, your second heart, you will find memories from your life and generational trauma from your ancestry. To heal through sexual trauma, I believe it is essential to heal our wombs.

When I began my journey toward womb healing, I was guided to meditate with my womb. At first, I couldn’t feel anything. I had this sensation of searching for a needle in a haystack.

How could I focus on the sensations of my womb when this had been a place of numbness for so long?

One night, as I lay there trying to tune into my womb, I felt some tightness, like she was clinging to something for dear life. I wondered what would happen if I tried to let go. So, just as if I were trying to release tension with any muscle in my body, I released the tension in my womb and felt an orgasmic flood of spaciousness flow through me. I was elated. It was as if I had a micro orgasm within. After endless hours of meditating with my womb and feeling nothing, I finally felt her respond to my presence. I knew this journey would be slow, but I felt hopeful and curious to continue exploring what else I could discover within my body.

After years of my womb healing journey, I am now at the stage where I feel authentic gratitude for receiving these challenging lessons. I also feel forgiveness and compassion toward those who enacted violence toward me. It was a long journey to get here, and I won’t deny that sometimes I face more challenging emotions. But I don’t expect the challenging emotions to go away completely, I was left with a scar, and it is only right that I remember from time to time where the scar came from. What feels like the most accurate symbol of my growth is how I respond to these triggers differently each time they arise, integrating the lessons I learned in the new turn of my spiral.

If we can refine our capacity to learn the lessons we need as they dance into our lives, thank them, and release them, we can experience expansive growth and transformation and begin to learn not only from the painful experiences but also from the joyful, juicy, pleasurable ones.

So are you ready to receive support to face your most vulnerable shadows and dance them into the light together?

As we work together, I will provide you with emotional support as memories, traumas, pain, and grief may emerge throughout the process. And I will give you tools to acknowledge these emotions and transmute them.

I will encourage you to practice celebrations, moments of joy in which we mutually pause and celebrate your growth.

I will provide you with personalized creative expression exercises designed to allow creative life force energy to move freely through you.

Our process will include virtual check-ins, pdf printables you can keep and use in your own time, and personalized homework assignments to which I will hold you accountable ranging from movement practices, guided rituals, and vocal activation. There will undoubtedly be challenges along the way, but I will constantly cheer you on and answer your questions.

Reach out to schedule a free consultation call.