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Vocal Activation

I am curious to expand my musical potential. I would love to receive support in my creative process to write songs, deepen my practice of vocal harmonies, learn medicine songs, and connect deeper to my voice as a tool for healing.

I am so excited to support you in unlocking your infinitely creative potential through the power of your voice.

Our throat chakra, the gatekeeper of our voice, is intimately connected to our second chakra, home to our sexual organs and creative life force energy.

In our time together, we will explore ways to create more space within our bodies, liberating stagnant emotions and connecting to the pleasure of releasing our voices.

Since we are using our voice as a tool for healing, we will put to the side any expectations to sound beautiful or like anyone else. Our vocal liberation practice frees our authentic voice, which is uniquely ours and no one else’s.

I will guide you through different vocal activation techniques so you can connect to sound moving through different places in your body. This way, you will notice where there are blockages within you, and we will use this same sound to hold space for these emotions and move them through us.

We will explore how to find and hold harmonies while someone else sustains the melody. I will also support you in expressing your voice through vocal improvisation. I will provide you with unique tools to connect to any emotions alive in you and express them through your voice.

What has been your relationship to your voice throughout your life, and what has led you to deepen your vocal practice in this present moment?

If you are curious to hear how I can support your healing journey through the power of your voice, please reach out to schedule a free consultation call.